Monday, September 27, 2010

Here's whalling hunt up being processed foods

Type whale hunting started launched by Japan since 2007 and is a legal hunting / valid first allowed by the government after the fish is protected from the year 1963. In theory, this population of humpback species enough to stay afloat despite the hunt against him
Even in Japanese restaurants now offer Whale Curry at 650 to 700 yen (about 60 thousand rupiah). Whaling is expected to be preferred by many people because it is rich in protein and iron and low fat.
Here is the process of hunting and whaling on the high seas

This is the Harpoon weapon used to kill whales

Ready to shoot whales

Harpoon that has been successfully embedded in the whale meat

Got and ready to be appointed

Whales was appointed to the ship
After appointed. the children gather in the whales trim

and we saw the fishermen cut the whale meat

Sections cut fat whale
Each section re-cut into small pieces
The meat is already in stores
Look like sardines

and then they sell in a market